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Reconquer The West

Reclaim Your Inheritance

If 75 years ago you told your great great grandfather that Europe and the Anglo sphere would be colonised by hoards of violent, low IQ third worlders with incompatible religions and cultures he would have laughed and said you were insane.

Yet here we are, second class subjects in our father’s house, subsidising our own extinction.

Today I tell you that we, the native sons and daughters of Europa will recolonise our ancestral lands. We retake what is ours village by village, city by city, step by step one heart and soul at a time. We will reclaim our inheritance from those who have stolen it. We will tolerate no more impositions on our hospitable nature. We will no longer be ashamed to own what is ours.

Do you doubt me?

As sure as our tolerance has been our downfall our intolerance will be our salvation. It might take 100 years, or even 1000 years, but we shall have our due in the lands of our ancestors. What is ours is ours, let them take nothing more from us.

Thus we begin the Reconquest of the West.

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