Announcement, Patriarchy

The Age of Kings & Trifunctional Hypothesis

In the West, the Age of Kings will follow the Age of Warlords

In post Roman Empire Europe and during the Reconquest we find a recipe to defeat the “destroy and loot” raiders that are plaguing us now. We need to start thinking like feudal lords again.

We need to return to a Trifunctional societal structure.

Trifunctional societies are strong and independent towns led by local “kings,” advised by “wizards,” federated together in brotherhood and bound under a shared struggle. The three castes consist of a Sacral class of judges, priests, and shamans; a Martial class of kings, lords and nobles, and warriors; and the Economic class consisting of productive merchants, landsmen, craftsmen, and other skilled workers.

Trifunctional societies have existed for thousands of years. This simple hierarchy contains the recipe for a healthy productive society as long as it has:

  • Professional warriors are backed by volunteer militia who are producers when no fighting is needed.
  • Low taxation with all taxes spent on local commons.
  • A martially aggressive (strike first) and practical utilitarianism to government that gives maximum individual freedom as long as it doesn’t undermine the group strategy.

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