What Can I Do Next?


Creating a whole IRL community is a major undertaking. It can be intimidating, where do we start? Every big task must be broken down into smaller tasks that can be completed in a short time frame. We are not all equal. Some people should be leading, others should be following and supporting.

For leaders:

  • Start building a IRL network with real, fleshy humans. You should focus on finding a first follower who will work with you to build a local community.
  • Start writing about what you want out of a community. How you would structure it? How would you recruit and vet members? etc.
  • Know where volunteers can start making a difference and lead them.
  • Demonstrate your leadership skills by producing value for your potential and actual followers.
  • Be an example. You need to be stronger, higher Agency, wiser, more successful, etc than the people you hope to lead.

For followers:

  • Find leaders who provide you value and who you want to follow and start supporting them.
  • Donate your time and/or money to support their work. Ask them how.
  • Network with other followers who are on the same basic wave length as you.
  • Develop skills and even a career that enables you to be mobile and relocate easily.

For men:

  • Start a PROGRAM of physical TRAINING and health management.
    – Training = a process of incrementally learning a skill or ability.
    – Program = a set of related measures or activities with a particular long-term aim.
  • Learn how to fight, hand to hand, knives, guns, improvised, unconventional, etc.
  • Develop “man skills”. Learn to fix things, build things, butcher animals, farm, etc.

For women:

  • Get reasonably fit.
  • Learn support roles such as communications, medical/nursing, food preparation, gardening, etc.

Start on things within your area of action. Pick something that moves you closer to your goal of living in a community that you love and do it this weekend. Every time you put off action it gets easier to put off action in the future. Every time you act it gets easier to act in the future. You can create momentum or give in to inertia, your choice.

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