The Taboo of Being Pro-White

The Taboo of Being Pro-White

“We’ve been psychologically profiled as a group and a weaponized plan has been formulated and executed with military precision against us for decades now. They know that we will unquestionably fall in line on average at what we “perceive” as legitimate authority and power with unwavering loyalty on an emotional level without threat of force.”


On the inability of whites to defeat enemy-programming and stand up for their own interests.

Like many others, I have been baffled by what appears to be the complete inaction on the part of our men. After observation, I’ve come to the conclusion it’s not lack of balls, it’s atomization that’s prevents us from enacting our group strategy. More than any other group, whites need to be in communities. Furthermore, they need to be high trust communities. We don’t have infiltration and subversion skills, like our enemies, who thrive in diverse areas and rely on their birth rates to help them succeed.

I truly believe if you get a group of white men together in one geographical area without interference they can and will become capable of reciprocal force.

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  1. I completely agree. I see a lot of men who are brave enough to start speaking out online even without friends backing them up, but they are wise enough to know that they will be smeared if they physically stand up alone, so even if they die it will be futile. Many are also responsible for families. But if we band together and some of the responsibilities to family can be shared by women together and needs are met by a shared garden, we will see them rise up and succeed at turning the tide.

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