The Golem And Its Creator: Intersectionalism And The State Of Israel

The Golem And Its Creator: Intersectionalism And The State Of Israel

In light of recent events and BLM fueled riots in America, many people are beginning to ask: What exactly is the relationship between Jews and black power movements? How is that going to pan out from here?

On top of that is the contentious dynamic between cosmopolitan globalist Jewry and right wing nationalist Jews. It’s a very complex web of alliances and overlapping interests.

This has led me to wonder for some time: Does the matriarchal CRT-intersectional BIPOC/JOC-left* actually pose a real legitimate threat to the patriarchal right wing Zionist state? Where are the most significant threats to the Israeli state coming from?

*As one furthers their understanding of Jews of Color/White Jews and Globalist Jews/Nationalist Jews, one should also keep in mind the dichotomy of matriarchal vs patriarchal Jewish familial structure, especially as it relates to the Jewish/Black alliance and the particularly strong matriarchal structure of the black family, discussed in the footnotes [1]. How much of this African culture is influencing current Jewish trends? Quite a bit I would presume.

CRT = critical race theory
BIPOC = black indigenous and people of color
JOC = Jews of color

Consider the questions above within the context of the following information…

-African power movements in the United States (this is a much more accurate term than ‘civil rights’) have been supported and financed all the way from the beginning in the early 20th century by Jewish interests & lobbies both within the U.S. and abroad, particularly from the Soviet Union [2][3][4][5][6][7][8]

-Black leaders across the board, from top to bottom, are taking aim and launching criticisms at Jewish power. Everyone from the local grassroots BLM and online SJW activists like Tariq Nasheed and Tamika Mallory to well known celebrities like Nick Cannon, Charlamagne Tha God, Ice Cube, etc.

-The Black Israelites movement – which claims to be the real Jews – was virtually unknown to the mainstream public only a few years ago, now continues to grow.

-Huge portions of the POC (people of color) democrat leadership – from media figures like Corey Booker to politicians like Obama, Rashida Talib, Ilhan Omar, Linda Sarsour, Keith Ellison, etc – support or associate closely with Louis Farrakhan, one of the most well known African opponents of Jewish power. Farrakhan has also been receiving a whole new wave of support from big name ‘White’ or Jewish celebrities Chelsea Handler, Jennifer Aniston, Jennifer Garner, etc. Malcolm X’s harsh criticism of Jews is becoming widely circulated in all these BLM circles as well.

-Speaking of Ilhan Omar, she refers to Stephen Miller, a Jewish senior policy advisor to Trump, as a White nationalist. This is important to highlight because as I’ll continue to lay out in this article, many if not most BIPOC leaders and organizations view Israel as an epicenter of White supremacism.

-Some of the most prominent backers and organizers of the BLM coalition, like Greg Lewin, are Jewish. There are hundreds of well funded Jewish organizations who support BLM and have made statements like ‘Black Lives Matter is a Jewish value.’ [9][10] Note: You won’t find a single Jewish organization on the planet who has stated that ‘White Lives Matter is a Jewish value.’

-In 2016, Rachel Gilmer helped assemble and draft the Movement for Black Lives (M4BL) Policy Platform, adopting an anti-Israel position and endorsing the boycott, divestment, and sanctions (BDS) agenda, which seeks the elimination of the world’s only Jewish state. Gilmer is herself Jewish and was a member of a Zionist youth group called Young Judea during her teen years. She eventually rejected her roots, shaping not only M4BL’s anti-Israel agenda, but also serving as co-director of a group called Dream Defenders, which claims that “the state violence [minorities] experience [in the United States] is directly tied to the violence facing Black and Brown communities in Palestine and around the world.”[11]

What we begin to notice in all of this are two oddities…

#1. Despite the overwhelming amount of Jewish support for BLM and related movements, attacks on Jews by POC have risen dramatically over the last 5-8 years (according to Jewish publications). Jewish businesses were/are targeted in the BLM riots. Jews in America, particularly New York, are being increasingly assaulted by POC, well before George Floyd.

#2. Despite the fact that Jews are vehemently opposed to being called ‘White,’ there is a persistent and growing movement among BIPOC and JOC (Jews of color) to label Jews as White.

-The ‘Jews of Color’ vs ‘White Jews’ debate has been brewing in Jewish communities and media for quite some time now. If you dive deep into Jewish publications and forums you will find wildly opposing views on this, it began years ago. [12][13][14]

-There is a significant portion of Jews who are aligning themselves with the new intersectional world order which seeks to establish a global caste system with everyone of color on top and everyone with Whiteness on the bottom. They are insistent that many Jews have White privilege and that Israel is White supremacist ethnostate. Ashkenazi Jews in particular but sometimes Sephardic or Mizrahi as well it seems. Secular leftist Jews, especially Hollywood celebrities, have been opposed to right wing Zionism for a long time but they have become increasingly vocal lately, i.e. Seth Rogen, etc. Many of these crowds and BLM/POC related organizations have strong ties with Palestinian groups and other Islamic/Arab movements.

-Former Israeli interior minister Eli Yishai has said that “Israel belongs to the White man” and Netanyahu has said that the presence of African immigrants in Israel is “very grave and threatens the social fabric of society, our national security and our national identity.” [15][16] We can cite many examples of Jewish Rabbis expressing similar views.

-However, many of the Jews who would fall into this category of Whiteness are adamant that Jews cannot be White. They go as far as to say that calling Jews White is an insidious slander, a grave and mortal danger, and a new form of antisemitism. [17][18][19]

-Why is this? Why are Jews so terrified of being called White? Because they know that there is nothing worse in the world today than being labelled White. Nothing will subject you to more hatred and attacks than being perceived as a White person. Furthermore, they are well aware that there are no real perks and privileges to being White today. The only way to get special government grants, legal protections, social status points, easy admission to college and job openings, corporate funding/sponsorships, etc, etc is if you are a well melanated person.

-The BIPOC world fully understands the alliance between WASPs/Zionists, and that American foreign policy is an extension of Israeli foreign policy. The last two decades of American wars in MENA (Middle East and North Africa) have been largely at the behest of Israel, who played the key role in pressuring the U.S. to go into Iraq. Every U.S. politician who has spoken out about this has been silenced.

-BIPOCs (as well as Russia and the former USSR) view America as a proxy for Israel. Additionally, they also view ‘White privilege’ as a front for Jewish power. Is the intersectionalist’s ultimate goal of dismantling ‘White supremacism’ really to dismantle White Jewish supremacism? I am starting to wonder.

Now the standard White (European) nationalist perspective of all this is that the Jews control everything, they are the ones manipulating all of it and ultimately it’s all going according to their plan.

On the one hand, it is absolutely correct that Jewish nepotism and the Jewish power structure has a virtual monopoly on the global mainstream media as well as the banking industry, Hollywood, academia, most major political parties in all Western countries, virtually all social justice movements, and many other sectors of the economy, including black markets. I’ll debate this and provide sources for this to anyone who wants it. We don’t even have to cite ‘far right’ sources, every single one of these things is provable through Jewish publications, in their own words. If you’ve been involved in politics for more than a couple years and you haven’t figured out by now how much influence Jewish power has, you might want to find a new career field, this one probably isn’t for you.

However, on the other hand, I believe this somewhat one dimensional view overlooks some important factors…

There is a wide array of different ethnic and religious Jewish factions that fall all over the political spectrum. While all these varying groups often have overlapping interests, many are also in competition and even outright conflict with each other. It’s very important to cultivate the ability to dissect not only the Jewish power structure, but all forms of hierarchy, and create high resolution distinctions.

Different Jewish factions align themselves with other power blocs/civilizations and use them as proxies against each other. Jewish Conglomerate A, consisting of a variety of business/political/cultural entities, may align themselves with a network of BLM organizations, while Jewish Conglomerate B may align themselves with a variety of Latino organizations, and Jewish Conglomerate C with Chinese or Arab groups for example, all of it depending on a variety of factors like geographic location, etc. Their goals and strategies can and do overlap while also coming into conflict with each other.

It cannot be emphasized enough that the elites are and always have been at war with each other, just as much as they are at war with the lower classes. In order to compete with each other, they build coalitions and alliances. It’s always been this way, from ancient and feudal times to today. European monarchies were constantly switching back and forth between fighting with each other and allying with each other, whenever it suited their interests, they did the same with the Ottoman Empire, often times allying with the Ottomans or African/Arab/Asiatic powers against other European powers. The Jews are no different. It literally is like Game of Thrones. Power is fluid. The hierarchy is constantly shifting.

No doubt there are leftist Jews and corporate/banking elites who believe they can control the intersectional machine. And maybe they can… for awhile.

But the market penetration and acquisition power of identity politics has proved remarkably effective at infiltrating any industry, any organization, any business. [20]

Given enough time, even the most lofty of Jewish strongholds could be breached and permeated by BIPOC colonizers, the same way that the ancestors of Ashkenazim made their way into the royal courts of the European aristocracies and intermarried with their families.

In fact, this exact concern has been voiced for a long time by Jewish thought leaders who are concerned about the watering-down effects that secular America has had on Jewish identity through liberalism, cultural relativism, miscegenation, low birth rates, the breakdown of family values, and basically the exact same issues that White nationalists are concerned about with regards to the deterioration of European people.

Samuel Heilman is a Jewish professor who has published quite a number of books [21] on the topics of Jews losing their identity, assimilating themselves out of existence and self-destructing by donating to leftist causes. The exact same issues that plague white liberals.

Heilman says that the predicament of Jews in America is dire and due to the rampant globalist melting pots all over the world, in the future the ethnostate of Israel will be the only safe place for Jewish children to grow up and identify with their heritage. Other Jewish scholars share this same concern [22].

This liberalization of the Jewish diaspora in America is certainly a primary factor that is contributing to the growing BIPOC/Jews of Color vs White Jews rift.

The nature of the permanent international revolution that is at the heart of marxist doctrine ensures that in the intersectional hierarchy, you’re only on top for so long.

For decades, White women were the primary beneficiaries of diversity quotas and affirmative action in the workplace in America, courtesy of feminism, at the expense of White men, which is why White men were the first ones to flock to White nationalism by the millions.

Now, it’s White women’s turn to experience what White men have had to deal with as they are becoming the next targets of the SJWs and WOC (Women Of Color) who are demanding that White women give up their positions of privilege. [23]

Women of color vs White women.

Jews of color vs White Jews.

See the pattern?

The oppressor-oppressed engine of progress always has to find the next target, the next class of people who are better off and more ‘privileged,’ in order to extract resources and redistribute them to the ‘marginalized’ groups.

What happens once all the resources have been extracted from White people and they are bred out of existence? Who’s next? It’s not going to just stop with White Europeans. The intersectionalist agenda is being rolled out across the entire education system to indoctrinate generation after generation of youth.

The intersectionalists aren’t going to suddenly have a change of heart and start producing and creating civilizations on their own. Parasitism, resentment, irreciprocity, blaming everyone else, r-selection breeding and theft in the form of reparations has been programmed into their brains, it’s the only way they know how to behave, the only way they know how to acquire resources and improve their position in life.

So once White Europeans go extinct my prediction is they’ll set their sights on White Jews and White Latinos, as well as Castizos and other peoples of mixed European descent, in Russia, perhaps in the Levant as well and elsewhere. We’re seeing the early stages of this right now.

Notice how the BLM movement and riots in America have simultaneously triggered black/POC protests all over the world, in Europe, in Australia, hell even in freakin’ Japan.

It is a global movement. What marxist CRT has done for people of color is give them an international consciousness against White Western imperialism. America and its universities are now the hub of intersectionalism and it broadcasts its signals all throughout the world for others to follow.

Now here again, a White nationalist perspective might say that destroying America is part of the Jewish strategy… but which Jewish strategy exactly? Which Jewish power bloc or faction? Are all Jews on the same page with the Greater Israel Project/Yinon Plan? I think not.

As a friend of mine pointed out to me recently, it is true that AIPAC and all the other Israeli lobbies exert an enormous amount of control on American politics. But what some people often overlook is that America also exerts a lot of influence on Israeli domestic politics. It is a mutually dependent relationship. Israel is completely reliant on American military power to protect it from its hostile neighbors.

What would happen if America were to become a one party communist POC state in the near future? The majority of right wing political analysts in America are quickly coming to the realization that due to mass immigration and demographic trends, all red states are rapidly turning purple and then blue. Barring some drastic reversal of these trends, which would require nothing less than a civil war at this point, many have speculated that Donald Trump may be the last Republican President the United States ever has.

What then? What would that mean for American/Israeli relations if a marxist revolution run by a coalition of anti-Zionist BIPOCs seizes absolute dictatorial power over the entire American political system and military industrial complex?

Jews have a history of creating and funding revolutionary movements which later turn against them.

Professor Henry Abramson and many other Jewish and non-Jewish sources have extensively documented the fact that the leadership and the rank and file of the bolshevik revolution/early Soviet Politburo was dominated by Jews.

So within this revolution the seeds for two things were planted:

#1. The international marxist goal of abolishing all classes and nations (i.e. races, because that’s what the real definition of a ‘nation’ is) in order to achieve a communist society. For a true adherent of marxism, abolishing all races would naturally lead to abolishing the Jewish race as well.

This laid the foundation for critical race theory and intersectionalism, as well as the goal of abolishing Whiteness, which was pioneered by Noel Ignatiev, a Jewish professor at Harvard. All of these things are now contributing to the splintering between Jews of Color and White Jews.

#2. Following the Jewish bolshevik revolution and the death of Lenin was the famous internal power struggle between Stalinists and Trotskyites, due to, among other things, disagreements about whether to pursue a globalist socialist revolution or focus first on building Russian socialism. Stalin and his brand of nationalist-oriented communism won, and the Trotskyite exodus from Russia began.

The popular historical narrative has long been that Jews were severely persecuted in Russia (has there ever been a time in history where Jews weren’t being persecuted, according to Jews?) under Stalin as well as later regimes. Upon further investigation one finds that this is only a partial truth and the reality is much more nuanced, as I’ll explain in a moment. Indeed, Stalin did jail, exhile and execute Jewish communist party members.

For example, by executing 11 Jewish members of the Czeck Communist Party, the Stalinist bloc was signaling, in the view of many political insiders, that it was ready to abandon the ‘Jewish-inspired’ internationalist roots of the proletarian revolution and readjust its geostrategy by fully asserting the EurAsian patriotic elements of the motherland in order to counter Western unipolarity. [24]

The bitter rivalry between globalist-Trotskyites and nationalist-Stalinists did not end after Lev Bronstein (aka Trotsky) was assassinated in 1940. It festered and grew and you might argue became one of, if not THE dominant force defining great power geopolitics in the Cold War and beyond (along with Mackinder’s heartland theory), well into modern 21st century policy. Having been shunned in Russia, the Trotskyite adherents lived up to the adage of hell having no fury like a woman scorned and proceeded to migrate West, found their home in European universities, and continued to embed themselves in America, within the United State’s military industrial complex and the deep state.

The new post-war left spearheaded by people like French Marxist Régis Debray along with Trotsky’s followers, among them people like Christopher Hitchens and Bill Kristol, became some of the most influential leaders in the West and the driving influence behind American neocon foreign policy, using the U.S. military as a tool for the continuation of the marxist international “permanent revolution.” [25]

The Trotskyites, more than any other Marxist faction, integrated themselves into American imperialism in their hatred chiefly for Stalinist Russia, but also all things neo-reactionary, right wing traditionalism and patriarchal fascism. [26] This grudge match and subsequent rift, which began internally within the Soviet leadership, spilled over onto the world stage and infected nearly every Western institution it seems, not only in Europe and the U.S., but also Latin America. What started as an exile of globalist Jews from Russia, rebirthed itself in the form of Jewish leftism in America, and this bitterness towards anything even remotely resembling nationalism, emanating from places like Hollywood, has resulted in their opposition to the State of Israel and right wing Zionism.

This article cited from The Jerusalem Post [27] sounds like it could have been written by someone from within the White nationalist alt right, except instead of talking about preserving ethnic Europeans from the threat of international Jewry, they’re talking about preserving ethnic Jews from the threat of international Jewry. They call it a post-60s “new age” hatred of Zionism. Let’s dissect these two loaded paragraphs…

“In fact, modern anti-Zionism reflects postmodern identity politics’ hijacking of universal human rights language to create a simplistic world of evil Western oppressors who can do no right versus virtuous non-white victims who can do no wrong. In this polluted political atmosphere, any Israeli shortcomings eclipse all its liberal democratic values, while any Palestinian suffering forgives all Palestinian sins. It is not what you say or what you do that counts, but who you are – or actually who you are perceived to be and whether the identity ayatollahs place you in political protective custody.

This far left disdain for liberal Israel is stoked by some radical Jews whose anti-Zionism absolves Israel’s enemies of their anti-Semitism. The cosmopolitan, anchorless “non-Jewish Jew” has become the anti-Jewish Jew, attacking today’s greatest Jewish collective project, Israel, nastily, globally, blindly, disloyally.”

That’s a lot to unpack there. Here we have a right wing Jewish publication railing against global, disloyal, cosmopolitan, anchorless anti-Jewish Jews. This literally sounds like it’s straight out of a 1930s speech at an NSDAP rally in Germany. In fact, what do we have here, a quote from a speech by Adolf Hitler where he describes international Jewry in the exact same language that the Jerusalem Post uses:

“It is a small rootless international clique… It is a people that are at home both nowhere and everywhere, who do not have anywhere a soil on which they have grown up. But who live in Berlin today, Brussels tomorrow, Paris the day after that, and then again in Prague, or Vienna or London and who feel at home everywhere. They are the only ones who can be addressed as an international element, for they conduct their business everywhere.” [28]
-Adolf Hitler, 10 November 1933

Now, far be it from me to vindicate history’s favorite mustache man (I would never do such a thing, because I pride myself in being a free thinker who plays it safe by making sure that all of my ideas meet the popular approval of society before I express them), so I’ll just let Stanley Kubrick do it instead.

“Stanley Kubrick said to me, not long after Hitler’s recent birthday, that A.H. had been ‘right about almost everything…”
-Eyes Wide Open, A Memoir Of Stanley Kubrick, p152 [29] (famous Jewish director/producer, regarded by some as one of the most influential filmmakers in cinematic history)

Hitler was so correct about the destructive nature of international Jewry it appears, that international Jewry is a threat to Israel and perhaps the existence of the Jewish people themselves. Of course anyone who has more than a kindergarten understanding of WWII knows about the Haavara Agreement in 1933 between Zionists and the NSDAP which helped 60,000 Jews emigrate from Germany to Palestine.

In another twist of horseshoe theory irony, the Jewish academic Isaiah Berlin, considered by many to be one of the greatest liberal thinkers of the 20th century, was a strong supporter of Zionists like Lewis Bernstein Namier who advocated for proto forms of ‘blood and soil’ (a phrase Berlin himself made use of, which has now famously become associated with German national socialism) – i.e. the principle that the foundation of a nation is based on ancestral roots and territory rather than abstract ideas – and that people with no concept of landedness are psychologically damaged individuals. [30]

Berlin also viewed the creation of an ethnostate as the pinnacle of the ‘opportunity-concept,’ which was the precursor to his ‘negative liberty’ phrase he coined (the same negative liberty phrase that libertarians are big fans of).

Going back to the above Jerusalem Post article, let’s look at these lines:

“…A simplistic world of evil Western oppressors who can do no right versus virtuous non-white victims who can do no wrong. In this polluted political atmosphere, any Israeli shortcomings eclipse all its liberal democratic values, while any Palestinian suffering forgives all Palestinian sins.”

Even though, as we have already discussed, many Jews are ardently opposed to being labelled White, what these lines in the Jerusalem Post article are implicitly stating is that the Israeli vs Palestinian struggle is a White vs non-white struggle.

I’ve written another lengthy post on my minds blog explaining how libertarians have the exact same anti-White CRT (critical race theory) views on foreign policy as intersectionalist-leftists and Jewish-Trotskyites. [31]

In the JPost article they go on to say that the fight being waged by liberal Jews against a [White] Israeli state is just one battlefield in a larger war for free thought in media and on university campuses.

Again, these talking points sound like they are coming straight out of the alt right.

The JPost ends with this: “We invite you to join our great global Jewish peoplehood project.”

So it’s ok for Jews to say that, but if someone says, “We invite you to join our great global Aryan peoplehood project,” they’re an evil Nazi.

Now, going back to this popular notion of Stalinist Russia and the Soviet Union being a hotbed of anti-semiticism, it makes this whole rift between international Jewry and right wing Zionist Jewry even more interesting.

In the book The Hoax of Soviet Anti-Semitism, Frank L. Britton documents how the USSR was in fact very pro-Jewish, and rather anti-Zionist. It takes some time for political novices to fully understand the differences between these things.

The Soviet Union was actually the second country in the world to officially recognize the state of Israel (preceded only by the United States). The rift between the USSR and Israel came about primarily as a result of Israel aligning itself geopolitically with the United States, and thus, the propaganda war began, with Israel and the U.S. casting the USSR as ‘anti-semitic.’

The Soviet parliament and leading Jewish members of the communist party later created the “Anti-Zionist Committee of Soviet Public Opinion” (AZCSPO). [32]

This organization was set up to counter the Zionist claims of ‘anti-Semitism’ and to show that:
-Communist Jews within the USSR held the highest positions of public office and were the best educated of all Soviet citizens
-Jewish culture was promoted and thrived within the USSR
-The Soviet Union expressly supported Israel’s right to exist
-It was only the aggressive, supremacist aspect of Zionism which Soviet Jews opposed
-The Soviet Union was fully aware that a Zionist-Jewish lobby controlled the US government and the Western mass media

Winston Churchill himself accurately predicted the split between Jewish-Zionists and Jewish-Soviet-Communists, but as Jewish Professor Henry Abramson has said in his presentations, the Soviet Union was “a paradise for Jews.” [33]

So the global geopolitical chess game we have going on here is quite complex…

>The Jewish nationalist-oriented Soviet Union in opposition to Jewish nationalist-oriented Zionism, not because of ideology, but due to pragmatic geopolitical conflicts of interest
>Stalinists and Trotskyites in opposition to each other, largely because of ideological differences
>Expat Trotskyites, Western leftist Jews and international cosmopolitan Jews opposed to both the right wing USSR and the right wing Zionist state, primarily because of ideological differences

As we can see, often times cases of ‘anti-semiticism’ in the media are actually examples of Jews fighting other Jews. Which, I suppose, it wouldn’t be entirely innacurate to label that ‘anti-semiticism’ (even though, as a whole, I reject the term ‘anti-semiticism’ in its popular usage to prevent any legitimate critiques of Jewish practices) because I would consider White European liberals to be largely responsible for much of the anti-White racism in the world. Sometimes you fight more bitterly with family than anyone else.

Now, to add to all this complexity even more is the fact that, not only have leftist Jews of Color in America aligned themselves with BIPOC, Arab and Palestinian groups in their efforts to undermine Zionist ‘White supremacism,’ but so have many far right European movements over the last 70 years or so.

For example, the Naumann Circle, a group of ex-Nazis who developed astonishing influence in various nationalist regimes and movements (e.g. Nasser’s Egypt, Palestinian orgs, the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, etc).

Nasser’s Egypt hired the former Nazi manager of the Skoda armaments factory in Czechoslovakia to upgrade Egypt’s military, and in 1955 the Skoda works, now under Stalinist rule, concluded a major arms deal with Nasser. Here we see the undercurrents of National Bolshevism and the ‘red-brown alliance’ between fascists and Russian communists taking shape, contributing later to Duginism. This is also a big factor in why Western marxists started distancing themselves from Russian marxism. [34][35]

Additionally, it is very possible for a person to practice ‘right wing’ or nationalist values in their homeland, endogamous values that preserve their cultural boundaries… while conversely promoting unmitigated social liberation and ‘progressive’ or degenerate leftist values abroad in the territory of outgroups, in order to undermine competitors and dillute their unity and strength. [36]

In summary, it is my opinion that the state of Israel and even the cohesiveness of Jewish identity does face real existential threats. These threats may or may not prove to be fatal in the long run, but contrary to the perceptions of some, Jews are not omnipotent or invincible.

These threats come from many directions: The natural forces of the market, globalization, free trade, and human migrations; as well as Jews themselves playing with fire and allying themselves with hostile ideologies. The question here is: Will Jewish liberalism, left to its own devices, ultimately prove to be as destructive to the Jewish people  as European liberalism has been to Europeans? Or is the Jewish brand of liberalism as different from European liberalism as German fascism is different from Italian fascism? Have Jews created an admixture of ethno-capitalism that harnesses free trade but also sufficiently insulates their community from market forces? 

For the sake of playing devil’s advocate though, let’s throw in an important caveat: Is it possible that some or many of the liberal globalist Jews who publicly signal anti-Zionist talking points are merely playing a game for show, when in reality they support Israel behind the scenes? Absolutely possible. The left wing Israeli newspaper Haaretz, for example, has said that around 80-90% of world Jewry are Zionists. Some may say give Palestinians their rights, but when you mention a One State Solution where everyone has a vote all of a sudden their true colors show up.

One final thought: I think one of the reasons it’s so dangerous for Jews to be stoking the flames of BIPOC intersectionalism is that non-European POC have NONE of the holocaust guilt that White people have. I’m sure there are Jews who believe they can control the intersectional neo-caste machine, after all they’ve been able to keep White Europeans in line and under their thumb by relentlessly hammering holocaust guilt into their consciousness from the day they are born through Hollywood movies and rebranded philosemitic Judeo-Christianity. But this same trick isn’t going to work with Asians, Africans, Arabs, Amerindians and others who have zero emotional baggage or attachment to these WWII mythologies.

Unless… after flooding Europe with hundreds of millions of dark-skinned races, the Jewish plan is to rewrite the history books and say that ethnic Germans have always been Arabs and Moors and they were the ones who carried out the holocaust of Jews. As absurd as that sounds, now that I type it out and actually think about it, it’s not outside the realm of possibility. I mean, stranger things have happened right? That’s basically what the story of history is, it’s one example after another of cultures clashing and syncretizing with each other, then adopting one another’s religion, identity, customs and myths. SJWs talk about cultural appropriation all the time, but it works both ways and can have unintended consequences.

Footnotes and Sources

“The report concluded that the structure of family life in the black community constituted a ‘tangle of pathology… capable of perpetuating itself without assistance from the white world,’ and that ‘at the heart of the deterioration of the fabric of Negro society is the deterioration of the Negro family. It is the fundamental source of the weakness of the Negro community at the present time.’ Also, the report argued that the matriarchal structure of black culture weakened the ability of black men to function as authority figures. That particular notion of black familial life has become a widespread, if not dominant, paradigm for comprehending the social and economic disintegration of late 20th-century black urban life.”
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“Black-Jewish alliance, what went wrong? Murray Friedman explains how the civil rights movement was Jewish. First of all, it was based on what Friedman calls “Jewish science.” The civil rights movement was based on a book by the name of An American Dilemma, purportedly written by a Swede by the name of Gunnar Myrdal.”
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“Eventually race relations would replace sexual morality as an issue of prime concern to the mainline Protestant churches, causing a major destabilization of the social order in the United States, and one of the prime agents in this destabilization was the Negro. Lenin was right in seeing the Negro as the prime locus of revolutionary activity in the United States. And the Left followed his lead unerringly throughout this century. The revolution the Communists sought would be impossible without the collaboration of the Negro or without the Negro as the first wave in the assault on “ancient respectability.” The Negro, who had suffered injustice at the hands of white Protestant culture, provided not only a way to atone for past sins, but also a way to rationalize future sins in the sexual arena.”
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“And with the failure of Bolshevism to inspire the Left, the Left looked to the Negro as the paradigm of the newly-liberated man, in a liberation that was more sexual than economic. The ghetto Negro became influential through his music, but the main attraction was the breakdown of family life which characterized life in the ghetto. According to Norman Mailer,the presence of Hip as a working philosophy in the sub-worlds of American life is probably due to jazz, and its knife like entrance into culture, its subtle but so penetrating influence on an avant-garde generation’s…disbelief in the socially monolithic ideas of the single mate, the solid family and the respectable love life.”
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“By 1957, the civil-rights movement, using the Negro as the paradigm of sexual liberation which it had inherited from the Harlem Renaissance of the ’20s, was on its way to becoming the prime vehicle for moral destabilization in the country. The white churches in the South, particularly, were shown to lack moral credibility because of their implication in segregation, and this was the opening wedge in removing any form of behavior which foundation-funded social engineers found repugnant. That they found Christian sexual prohibitions repugnant goes without saying. If the civil-rights movement was the thin end of the wedge in overturning and de-validating morality,the sexual revolution was the thick end of the same wedge. What went in as concern for the Negro came out at repudiation of sexual morality.”
ibid, p482

“My damned white education has robbed me of much of the primitive vitality of the Negro race… I was the first Negro to arrive in Russia since the revolution, and perhaps I was generally regarded as an omen of good luck! Yes, that was exactly what it was. I was like a black ikon.

Wherever I wanted to go, there was a carat my disposal. Whatever I wanted to do I did. And anything I felt like saying I said… And in the Fatherland of Communism! Didn’t I enjoy it.”
-Claude McKay, Jamaican writer, key figure in the Harlem Renaissance of the 1920s

“Although it did not go by that name at that time, McKay was the beneficiary of the Soviet version of affirmative action. Then as now there were strings attached. He would be promoted beyond other writers in exchange for his support of the Soviet regime. In exchange for the royal treatment he got in Moscow, McKay was expected to criticize the United States in an attempt to entice the Negro to the cause of communism. McKay, at the beginning at least, was only to happy to oblige. Negroes in America was McKay’s way of holding up his end of the bargain.”
-Libido Dominandi: Sexual Liberations and Political Control, p287

“Taken as a whole, Kinsey’s data were drawn overwhelmingly from the pool of the sexually liberated, precisely the alliance between ghetto-dwelling black and white bohemian described by Kerouac in his novels. Both groups needed each other. Kinsey, et al, had a craving for deviance, and the deviant groups he interviewed, especially the homosexuals according to Pomeroy, needed to confess to the all-enabling, all-approving “scientist” from the Midwest.

At some time during the late ’40s or early ’50s, the sexual revolution, as epitomized by the ghetto Negro and his white imitators, had succeeded the Communist revolution as the Left’s preferred vehicle of social change. Instead of Negroes having to become Communists – the status quo in the 1930s as demonstrated by people like Richard Wright, Langston Hughes,and Paul Robeson – now the true left-wing revolutionary had to become a Negro – as evidenced by people like Jack Kerouac and Neal Cassady. The economic revolution had been superseded by a cultural revolution of primarily sexual dimensions, with the ghetto Negro as its avant garde.”
-ibid, p413-414

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