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William Godward: The Last True Artist

Works by John William Godward — among the last true artists working before the Modernist takeover. The Neo-Classical master committed suicide in 1922, around 12 years after Modernism took hold, writing in his final note: ‘There is not enough room on earth for both myself, and Picasso.’ Why, though, does the state of the art-world at large have such a grip on creators? Because true artists understand the incredible depth and importance of their field. Art is tied to culture; culture is tied to people and their individual thoughts and behaviours; people and their individual thoughts and behaviours influence our socio-political landscape. Through the metaphysics of beauty and ugliness, the fate of entire nations and civilisations can soon unfold.But art is just one realm in which we can project beauty… The togetherness and wholesomeness of this group, our respect for one another, our working together toward common goals, etc., contain the most fundamental elements of beauty too: The celebration, promotion, and furthering of life and the wisdom it demands.

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