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Hi everyone! Welcome to BC Aesthetics and Culture 🖤. These posts will be used exclusively inside of Breakaway for the promotion of our beautiful creative traditions in art, architecture and music. 😊A civilization’s art both reflects and moulds the spirit of its people — it is of crucial importance for our individual wellbeing, for our sense of identity, community and belonging, and for our collective pride in the depth and fervour of the Western masculine spirit that we preserve the wonders left by our forebears. The Modernist narrative that ‘anything can be art’ is an insult to the remarkable skill, talent, spiritual awareness and dedication of our fine creatives — replacement of truth and virtue by all that is low, primal, and conveniently ‘inclusive’. The state of art today is a metaphysical equivalent to the constant degradation of standards by the regressive Left. No Jackson Pollock can match Michelangelo, no Cardi B can match Mozart, and no glass and steel monstrosity can match the majesty of Notre Dame.I’ll be sharing examples of our true, noble art twice each week in Breakaway — Wednesday’s and Saturday’s. I hope it inspires you all in mind, body, and spirit! Should any of our own artists and creatives wish to share their own work in BC through this channel, please contact us. Hope you’re all having a lovely week — let’s bring on the spirit! (IMAGE: ‘Wanderer Above the Sea Fog by Caspar David Friedrich, 1818)

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