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The Voyage of Life

‘The Voyage of Life’ by Thomas Cole, 1842. (‘Childhood’, ‘Youth’, ‘Adulthood’, ‘Old Age’)A painter of the American Hudson River School, Thomas Cole had a phenomenal way of capturing the spiritual essence of life in all its aspects. This series is among his most famous, and reflects not only our own individual lives as such, but the life of collective projects such as our own. During the tumultuous time of our own adulthoods, each of us are coming together in the creation of something new. This Breakaway Civilization project, calming after the storm of its birth, is now touching upon the ambition of youth — we are gathering, communicating, speaking to one another face to face, and setting forth our collaborative vision of the grand castle in the clouds. These initial stages are the fun part, where we can (relatively) safely play in the online realm, gather our strength, and plan our strategies moving forward with minimal intervention… But this won’t always be the case. We must stay alert, stay productive, and over the coming weeks and months remain acutely aware that the trials of our group’s maturity are just around the corner. Each man must stand ready to steady his neighbour’s ship — and together, we can achieve near-divine ends.

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