The Fathers of Civilization

The rise of a new masculine Patriarchal frame in the high Agency mature men of the west is needed to conquer the chaos that we face in the west. The chaos will not leave us alone, there is no where for us to run, we can not hide from it. Like it or not, this is now our problem to solve.

We must act as men and as the fathers of our civilisation. Millions of under fathered adult children are running amok in our major cities. It is going to take some strong, stern but loving corrective measures to end this permanently. What we do next we do not out of hate, but out of love for all our children.

Daddy is home and things are about to get real. (Many of you have been very naughty.) It is time we kick out the uninvited house guests, send the misbehaving children to detention and reward the good boys and girls with a new renaissance. Things about to change around here and we are not asking the permission or seeking the consensus of those without Agency.

Our actions must speak louder than their tantrums. This is going to be the age that measures men.

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