The Challenges of Building Community

Communities Are People

The hardest part of forming a community is finding enough people who have the maturity to form a community. This difficulty is the result of our people suffering decades of radical individualist propaganda plus the disintegration of our traditional communities and our natural processes of socialisation that they contained. At this point even joining two people together into a marriage is a major challenge for most people. We will need training and experience to form larger social bodies. To be an active part of something bigger than ourselves we need to have mature internal emotional development, a healthy ego, strong communication skills, robust negotiation skills and the ability to adapt to new situations and people. This is not something we can summon up immediately on will power alone. It will take time to develop ourselves and our communities into cohesive bodies. Many of us are naturally low in agreeability and low in disgust tolerance.

This is what makes us who we are.

It is a net positive however it also means that we require more conscientiousness in how we interact with each other. We need to have patience with each other and with ourselves. We need to cultivate a self sacrificing love for our community members. For many this is a new experience. Please do not give up easily. Do not be quick to discard what we are creating because it is not finished yet, or because it is not moving as quickly as we would like. The patient and steadfast will be rewarded. These things I say with fatherly love for all of you.

May our people endure for all eternity.

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