The Best of European High Culture

Ladies and Gentlemen, we in BC are a high culture

How to communicate.

Breakaway Civilizations are about preserving the very best of European high culture. We must behave as ladies and gentleman, not trailer trash. We need YOU to promote our culture in BC. Before interacting with each other ask yourself these questions:

  1. Does this reflect that I am a part of a high culture white community?
  2. Does it demonstrate that I am a classy lady or gentleman?
  3. Does it promote our culture and build up the community to see this?

Sometimes a Savage, always a Gentleman. Yes, sometimes us men will get to be savages. It can be fun and exciting. We will need to create male only spaces in which to desensitise ourselves to violence, crudeness and even nastiness. Gentlemen, the place to be crude IS NOT IN FROUNT OF THE LADIES. We want to avoid black pilling, masculinising and/or overly sexualising our women. A failure to behave appropriately in our interactions with women will drive them away. A community with no women is sterile. It can not last. Think of the older women in the group as mothers, the younger women as sisters. Be empathetic to their feelings. Our women are not our enemies. Protect and cherish our good women, they are so rare. Many of our white women have been ruined by enemy propaganda. We are working hard to bring in wholesome, good, feminine women into our community. Respect these efforts and treat our women as ladies.

The Strength of a Lady is in her softness. Decades of propaganda has taught women to speak to men in a pseudo masculine way. This is a recipe for disaster. You simply can not pull it off. You can not talk to men like they are women. Men will not tolerate it and you would hate them if they did. Here is the secret to talking to our men:

  1. Do not try to emasculate them. They will shut down immediately and start fighting.
  2. Do not use GSRRM. They will discount everything you say next, as they should.
  3. Do not tell men what to do unless they specifically ask. Men will only take orders from another man higher than them in the male hierarchy.
  4. Do talk about how things make you feel. “That post made me feel uncomfortable….etc.”
  5. Do give praise often. Men will naturally seek to protect and please women who make their lives better. This is reciprocity.
  6. Do inspire men to become their highest selves by letting them know that you have trust in them and in their good judgment. Place your trust in the hands of good men and they will become better men.
  7. As a lady, be willing to walk away from confrontations if they get too heated. Go speak to one of the leadership if the conversation deeply troubles you. Thats what we are here for.

Love is the key

We must love our people. Love will make us strong. However we behave here, online is a mirror of our inner selves and our behaviour in real life. A “nation” is a big extended family. Many of us had no love in our biological families. This is our place to learn love, both how to give and how to receive. Until we can all treat each other with love we are not a nation.

May our people endure forever.

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