The Ark of a New Civilization

The Caucasian Reproductive Strategy

We, the people of the west are successful largely because we follow a complex K-selected (slow life) reproductive strategy.

  1. We limit our reproduction to the fittest members of society (organised eugenics under manorialism).
  2. We prohibit underage people from reproduction.
  3. We limit our quantity of reproduction based on the resources of time and attention (how many children can we love and train during our reproductive years).
  4. We create ideal cooperative Patriarchal/Matriarchal social structures for our people to reproduce.
  5. We traditionally practice living with extended families so that men, women and children have stronger support structures and positive social pressures to fulfil their roles.
  6. We find productive, honoured places for those who do not have children, preventing them from resentment and eventual undermining of our culture and communities.
  7. We practice monogamy, thus ensuring that all children have access to fathers who will teach them Agency.
  8. We are very loving and attentive to mothers and small children while being extremely strict and demanding with post puberty men and women.
  9. We value truth before face and high trust societies where child endangerment is met with disgust, intolerance and violence.
  10. We behave reciprocally between the sexes, between the generations and across families.

(*All this applies mostly to communities north of the Hajnal line.) This is the reproductive strategy that made us successful. The careful, thoughtful and well managed breeding of high IQ, high vigor, high value and high Agency people is the most profitable endeavour in human history. I see Breakaway Civilizations as a restoration of our ancestral reproductive strategy. A return to producing our amazing civilization through its sons and daughters. We will form a safe repository of the very best white genetics, culture and history. A sort of “ark” that holds the seeds needed to restart the world after the chaos that is coming.

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