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Perseus and Andromeda

‘Perseus and Andromeda’ by Joachim Wtewael, 1611. Wtewael was a Dutch Mannerist painter, and worked before the specifics of perspective and anatomy had been mastered by European artists. This painting is an especially unusual example, firstly most of his was centred around Christian imagery, and secondly because of it’s absolutely masterful execution. It is common, in art, that works concerning our deepest desires and instincts are executed with more detail and precision — existentially imperative content drives us to produce our best. In this myth, Perseus overcomes the female water-serpent (the terrible aspect of the feminine — viz. the link here to our current political situation) to take the virgin (the positive, beautiful feminine) as his prize, securing himself a future legacy through her fertility. Both our men and women can learn something very important from this myth — we fight the monster not merely for immediate reward, but for Potential.

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