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Hard Times Create Strong Men

By: BC Aesthetics Culture

I took a little longer to think about this weekend’s post, hoping to share something which might both highlight the severity of our current situation and lift our spirits. The ‘Course of Empire’ series by Thomas Cole has been used in countless memes alongside the well-known caption: ‘Hard times create strong men; strong men create good times; good times create weak men; weak men create hard times.’…But there’s more to the matter. Whilst we do live in hard times, and those hard times are creating and shaping the strong men we have beside us in this group, the glorious civilisation featured in the third painting of this series no longer exists. So far as the protection of true beauty and glory goes, we may note that we lost our battles long ago, existing today in the state of the final painting: Desolation. And to some extend we would be right. From this point, another well-known observation of the Right comes to mind — that of man as a rising beast, rather than a fallen angel. The fallen angel accepts what he has been given. He adopts a humble position of service to a higher power (God), and lives life forever striving to atone for his sins and appease a divine power believed to be far greater than himself. This is not us. We are the rising beast — the force who knows itself as divine, refuses to accept his lot and strides forward in his own name, for his own pride and his own glory.Our people are torn. On the one hand, the memory of greatness is being spat upon by barbarians with whom we may soon be at war; on the other, that memory is now so faded that we must fight from a position of utter desolation to restore our pride. Neither predicament can be allowed to take priority. The homesteading skills which our women so often discuss and share will be vital not only to renewing Cole’s cycle, and setting up anew on fresh pastures — but also to fueling us through the conflicts which may lie ahead. The combative skills, leadership and planning of our men will not only be of use on the battlefield, but also in protecting and serving our new communities to their highest capacity.We find, therefore, that whilst we exist simultaneously in the two darkest periods of this cycle for any people, the demands placed upon us fall in perfect harmony with our nature: The delicate balance of masculine and feminine; the importance of raw survival as well as the preservation of our pride and dignity; the willingness to risk life and limb whilst at once throwing every effort into crafting a legacy, and future.Hard times don’t simply create strong men — they create strong peoples, strong communities, and if handled purely sew the seeds of new, beautiful, thriving civilisations. ❤️

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