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Danish Realism: Simple Pleasures of the Countryside

A selection of works by the 20th century Danish Realist, Peder Mork Monsted. The Realist style of painting began in Russia and Northern Europe, as a more ‘crisp’ and grounded form of the Romantic movement. As with Romanticism, Rea

lism was notably masculine in both execution and content — artwork designed to weigh heavy on the mind and soul, encourage thought, and place life into brutally candid context. It was not until the coming of Impressionism — the softer, more homely, and less technically precise movement championed by Monet, van Gogh and others — that Realist painters softened their tone. But untouched by the degradation of skill, meaning and execution taking place across Southern Europe c. 1910, feminine Realist works remain among the best examples of Impressionism’s true potential. Treating the simple and commonplace pleasures of life with such respect, works such as these remind us of everything we strive toward.

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