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Cityscapes of Northern England

A selection of works by English painter, John Atkinson Grimshaw (1836-1893). Starting life as a railway clerk, Grimshaw was entirely self-taught and held his first exhibition at just 26 years old. Influenced by the Pre-Raphaelite movement, which centred around myth, legend and romance, Grimshaw started his career as a painter of the quaint and beautiful — but soon developed an intense fascination with the developing cityscapes in his home region of northern England. With great focus on the peculiar new light cast over the northern regions by foundries and factories developed during the industrial revolution, Grimshaw was both loved and loathed for the incredible technical accuracy he lent to the seemingly mundane. He is now recognised as one of the most accomplished painters of his time, and widely celebrated for his intricate documentation of scenes which today are all but lost. ❤️Images: ‘Still Life of Birds Nest with Primulas and Blossom’, 1869; ‘A Lane in Headingly, Leeds’, 1881; ‘Boar Lane, Leeds’, 1881; ‘Glasgow Docks’, 1881;

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