Becoming Men

The Education of Boys

Boys can not be properly educated into men by women or in the presence of girls or women. Boys need the guidance of men to become men. Given a task and incentive a group of males will naturally form an intellectually and materially productive hierarchy. Add in a single female and it becomes a family which has a different purpose and value.

An ideal school for boys would have all male teaches and staff. Teachers would be expected to maintain a high level of physical fitness. Boys would spend no more than 3 hours per day indoors. The boys would learn how to cooperate, how to communicate, how to fight as individuals and in groups, how to build and destroy. All academic classes would have to relate to and aid in the development of the skills I mentioned. The boys would be organised into packs that would compete and cooperate while inducting younger members in a peer to peer education system. They would wear practical uniforms and gain rank based on merit. At regular intervals coed social functions would be arranged so as to help both boys and girls learn how to interact in healthy ways. In short these boys would become men capable of defending their sovereignty rather than the current system that creates soy boys, political cucks and simps to feed into the matrix.

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