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American Mastery

By: BC Aesthetics Culture

A selection of works by the great German-born American painter Albert Bierstadt (1830-1902). Bierstadt’s landscapes are among the most masterful ever produced, and capture a bond with nature which has been all but lost in the 21st century. Working at the time the American West was still being explored and developed, Bierstadt captured near-untouched natural landscapes with a fresh, lucid, and adventurous eye. Alongside those of Thomas Cole, Bierstadt’s contributions are among the best-known works of the Hudson River School — with his brillaint influence in lighting contributing to the formation a new branch of Romantic painting known as Luminism (mirrored by the likes of Ivan Aivazovsky in the Russian-European scenes of the time). Works such as these remind us of the glorious heights which could have been pursued in art worldwide, were it not for the Modernist influence… Western creative genius, as ever, speaks for itself. 🙂Images: ‘Puget Sound On the Pacific Coast’, 1870; ‘Rocky Mountain Landscape’, 1870; ‘Valley in Kings Canyon’, [date unknown]

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